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EquestrianSingles.com Provides Truckloads of Hay to Horse Owners in Time of Need

(AUSTIN) September 26, 2005: EquestrianSingles.com’s online community sprang into action raising funds for hay shortly after Hurricane Katrina hit landfall. Within 48 hours, donations poured in from members of EquestrianSingles.com and EquestrianFriends.com. The funds were used to send two truckloads of hay to Hattiesburg, Mississippi for its equine victims.

EquestrianSingles.com co-owner, Marcia Zwilling, organized the hay drive through the site’s message board. In addition, Zwilling contacted Ron Moore from the Mississippi State University Extension Service. Moore is responsible for directing the Animal Relief Effort out of the Hattiesburg fairgrounds, the staging area for distribution of hay, feed, and pet supplies. Arrangements were made for the first delivery.

When the trucks arrived in Hattiesburg, they were directed to a local distribution center 30 miles south in Poplaville. At Poplaville, the hay and feed was unloaded with some help from the National Guard. Word of its delivery spread quickly, and the hay was completely distributed by the end of the day.

EquestrianSingles.com’s message board has become an effective communication tool for its members, and communities needing assistance. “It became evident during the California wildfires that our message board was being used to coordinate evacuations. We recognized the importance of having a communication center, where horse owners affected by a disaster could request assistance from other horse owners.” After that first post, EquestrianSingles.com created a special category for Emergency Management, where people post requests for help, and relief and rescue efforts.

With over 60,000 members comprised mostly of experienced horse people, manpower is something else the community has to offer. In addition to their relief efforts, EquestrianSingles.com and EquestrianFriends.com members have donated time to rebuild fences, and transport food, supplies, and horses.

As hurricane Rita made its way to the Texas Coast, members mobilized to coordinate evacuation plans through the site’s message board before the Rita made landfall. Others stood by to help with transportation, shelter, and temporary housing for evacuated horses and owners. Horse trainer, Jerry Lee Sewell met his wife Catherine Norman on EquestrianSingles.com 2 years ago, but they still remain active in the community. Sewell drove to Houston to pick up 9 horses that needed to be evacuated, including a young Lipizon Stallion. A total of 15 horses found refuge at the ranch Sewell manages in Smithville, Texas.

EquestrianSingles.com is the #1 Online Equestrian Community. Since 2001, the community has united horse lovers around the world for friendship, riding buddies and romance. EquestrianFriends.com provides horse enthusiasts a place to network where members can advertise their horse-related products and services, find riding buddies, or make a personal connection. With over 300,000 visitors a month, our community garners over 1.6 million hits per day, and over 11 million page views per month.

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